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Mechanical watches from Switzerland
the current collection 2016
supplemented by a current Quartz watch collection

If they afford something special !

for example: JAZZ AGE self-winding chronograph
                     movement cal. AR.1351 full calendar with moonphase
                     date, day, month, calendar hand, moon phase, stopper
                     finely decorated movement,                    
                     sapphire glass, transparent back, movable lugs

Let yourself fascinate from a watch collection, that exclusively produced in Switzerland from an over 100-year old tradition-company. We produce mechanical watches in highest quality since 1898.
It is and was our concerns not to follow ephemeral fashion-trends but offer the enthusiasts of mechanical watches in the whole world special chronometers that are individually build in our watch-ateliers, and this at a faire price without any license-dues for fashion-brands or stars
to pay.
And a mechanical watch - whether as well with hand-winding or self-winding movement - a good watchmaker still can even than be in the habit of and if necessary repairs, if for a long time the present-day electronic watches their lives exhaled or completely simply no more batteries for it available is.
One can therefore abduct and can fill with enthusiasm in the wonderful world of these fine-mechanical artworks.
But of course we can not an era of electronics
close and present as a well in our workshops
of the highest quality manufactured quartz watch collection.